uncommon exposure photography

Photography is both a passion and a creative expression and unlike most anything else we do in life, truly is limitless and inexhaustible. From portrait to product, from glamour to action and events, the most interesting and provocative moments are the ones that make us feel we were right there watching the picture being taken. Great photography is not just the photographer or the subject — it is the relationship between them. The camera is merely the instrument that helps capture that relationship.

What you see here on this site is but a very small slice of what is possible and whatever your needs may be, it starts with the sharing of what your vision is. Whether for a media campaign, growing your modeling portfolio, an alternative lifestyle or action sports event, or simply a commissioned piece for a private collection or framed gallery work, part of the creative fun is the early development of the conceptual ideas. Then the magic happens as we translate those collective visions and ideas into photographic reality.

Whether in my beautiful San Francisco studio or somewhere on-location, please feel free to inquire about anything that you wish photographed, even if you don't see expressed here. Thank you for your time and I look forward to an amazing collaboration together.

All photographs on this site are owned and copyrighted by Uncommon Exposure Photography. No download, reproduction, or redistribution is permitted without written permission. All models appearing on this site are in full compliance of 18 U.S.C. 2257.